Celebrate Our Country, Inc.


Large Size Declaration of Independence

Large size Declaration of Independence. This Declaration magnify's the beauty of this document for all your students or guests to see. We have made this in white, so it blends in with the velum overlay used for the "resigning".

 Large Size Constitution

We have assembled the first 4 pages of the Constitution in a large "all in one" format. This lends itself to being a more attractive poster, with the signature portion large enough to be more easily "copied over". We make this in white so it blends with the velum overlay, used for the "resigning"

              Large Declaration Signers Poster

This large beautiful poster brings meaning and identification to the Declaration signers at your event. It is a economical copy of the famous painting called "The Declaration Signers" by famous artist John Trumbull.

Large Constitution Signers Poster

Your children or guests will love to identify with their founding father by finding where they were in the famous painting called "Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States" or "Signing of the Constitution". This is a copy of the famous painting by "Howard Chandler Christy". The original painting was vandalized in 1967 and the slash was "painfully" repaired. The repair revealed vibrant colors not thought to exist.

Freedom - High Gloss Poster

This is a beautiful thick gloss copy of
 "Cao Yong's" famous painting "Freedom". This is the same painting that was blown up 50 feet high for the back drop of the 911 commemoration seen all over the world. It depicts our countries accomplishments and tragedy's like no other picture! We have this framed and above our fireplace, and we never stop getting compliments.



We the People - High Gloss Poster

This is another famous picture made by the artist Cao Young called "We the People". It captures the famous Town Hall building in Philadelphia where the Declaration was signed as well as blending in the Liberty Bell and three founding fathers.

 Additional Quill Pen

Having more than one Quill Pen can enhance your 'Re-Signing of the Declaration' experience - especially with larger numbers of celebrants. These rare pens create an "old world" experience while eliminating spilled ink through the utilizing of a hidden ball point.
Button:  "the Bigger the Government the Smaller the Citizen"

Wear this wisdom-transmitting phrase.  Part of the essence of the philosophy of the Founders of America, this button is guaranteed to increase your chances of starting a meaningful conversation with curious onlookers

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